What Software To Use For Editing Essay

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now pay someone who is not near you geographically to do your assignments and all forms of schoolwork for you. These are professional online essay writers whose services have been approved by thousands of students worldwide. For instance, you can check nerdify reviews on scamfighter.net and get a glimpse of the positive remarks that students leave about this writing service.

These essay writing services are known for their professionalism in the way they handle students’ academic papers, and you can safely submit their work to your lecturer without necessarily having to proofread it. But, of course, you may still want to go through the work just to be sure.

There are numerous tools you can get online for this purpose. These include:


This is considered to be one of the most trusted tools used to scan essays for all kinds of errors and plagiarism.

You can use Grammarly, not only online. It also has a desktop app and an add-in for MS Office. It is advisable to upgrade to premium in order to be able to access all their services. You can also have a look at an essayshark review on various review websites if you are going to order an assignment and have no time to use Grammarly.


Created to improve your level of writing, ProWritingAid will analyze your essay and show you grammatical and spelling errors, repeated words, and inappropriate style of writing.


It is important to keep your sentences simple and easy to understand for better communication. Hemingway checks not only your essay for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but it also guides you on how to change complex sentences into more readable ones. Pretty convenient, right?

Are you still thinking of where to get the perfect essay writing service for your homework? Have you come across assignmentgeek reviews? If not, you should probably write it in your to-do list and look for a few as soon as you can.

Slick Write

With the capacity to proofread up to 200,000 characters at one moment, Slick Write offers you supersonic speed when processing your essay. You will not believe just how fast your essay will be scanned for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and inappropriate style.

It also gives you suggestions on how to improve your sentence structures.


WhiteSmoke checks your essay for spelling and grammatical mistakes. The tool also checks for plagiarism and can translate your essay into a vast variety of widely spoken languages.

Paper Rater

As the name suggests, this tool gives your essay a score in terms of uniqueness. This is only after checking it for spelling and grammatical mistakes and any traces of plagiarism.

It has a premium version that you might want to upgrade to in order to access the full service of the tool.

Delegate Your Homework to a Writing Service

Now you know about the best tools to edit your essays, you should also know a couple of reliable essay writing services that you can count on whenever you are in need of writing services.

The secret is in reading various online paper writing service reviews. By seeing what other students say about different writing platforms, you will be able to make a better and well-considered decision.